150 plus fish released into caddington Golf Club’s water hazards

150 plus fish released into caddington Golf Club’s water hazards

Around 150 fish are thriving in a spacious new home amongst the fairways at the recently opened Caddington Golf Club in Bedfordshire.

Three species – mainly goldfish – were recently released into two ponds at the course after a couple from the Luton area asked the club if they could be transferred to the wildlife-friendly location.

Club spokesman Ryan McGee said: “The couple regularly walk across our course, and they had noticed our various ponds.

“They came into reception and told me that as their fish have reproduced a lot, they were worried about insufficient space in their pond at home, and asked whether they could be released here.

“We try to encourage as much wildlife at the course as possible, and provide ample habitats – including ponds – so I said we’d be happy to have them here.”

The fish were carefully released into the 16th and 17th ponds, two of the club’s water hazards which are about 250 yards and 60 yards in length respectively.

Ryan added: “The couple have been visiting the fish, and even bring food along for them.”

Caddington Golf Club, a 27-hole course in the Chiltern Hills, has recently reopened to the public following several years of extensive redevelopment work by owners McGee Construction Group.

The project has included providing wildlife habitats and the planting of more than 7,000 trees including oak, hornbeam, hazel and wild cherry along with other plants and wildflowers as part of McGee’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.

This includes providing space for bees from the Luton area.

Head greenkeeper Adam Henderson said: “We’ve been in contact with a local beekeeper, who wanted to keep some hives here, and because bees are in decline we have provided space for them. It’s our way of giving back to the local community.”


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