Academy Pathway

Academy Pathway

After speaking with our many members and guests we decided it was right to continue and finish off the pathways on the Academy course.

After securing the material for the pathways and the machinery to complete the work, we have been moving quickly to get the pathways up and running for our members and playing guests – even in this horrible weather.

We started off by scraping back the excess material and putting turam down to suppresses weed growth while allowing air, water and nutrients to pass through. We then reapplied the Type 1 sub base material on the turam to create a base layer for our top layer Cotswold self binding path gravel stone. We then used a vibrating plate to compact the material together for a solid pathway for our members to use for many year to come.

This shows our continued progression on course and we will keep moving forward to enhance the club in as many areas as possible.

Caddington Golf Club

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