Caddington Golf Club Development Application

The planning application will be for improvements to the existing golf course and driving range. This can be summarised as follows:-

Enhancement/re-alignment and modifications to 6 no. existing golf holes, improvements to drainage, water features and landscaping throughout the Caddington site.

A new 20 bay driving range building with targets on the outfield, floodlighting fixed to the building and safety fencing/netting to prevent the possibility of errant golf balls.

The application is a response to rapidly changing circumstances since the current layout of 18 plus 9 holes, supported by a basic clubhouse was established in 2005, plus this is the final phase of the course redevelopment

The intention is to create new features that will be enjoyed for many years by players of all ages and abilities, providing a ‘cradle to grave’ offer for the long-term future of the club;

2011 saw, in Phases 1 to 3, reprofiling of the majority of holes to enhance the quality of the course following a 2009 planning application. The current scheme has been designed by the same renowned golf course designer to bring the final 6 holes up to the same standard and specification as the rest of the course and will integrate fully with both the existing course and the site surrounds. This will comprise gently undulating land with long flowing slopes characteristic of the current course and the Chilterns AONB; (As built topo)

This will improve not only the greens, tees and fairways but also the quality of paths enhancing the range of golfers who can use the facility accommodating golf carts and mobility scooters throughout each year;

The course will be re-routed to provide returning loops of nine holes back to the club house – this will allow greater flexibility and improved operational management, optimising the course usage;

The course will increase from 6011 yards par 71 to circa 6300 yards par 72 with new tees, greens and fairways, increasing the range of golfers who can play from beginners to single handicappers; (Masterplan)

This will be undertaken by the importation of 375,000m3 of inert, clean subsoil to be shaped, drained, top-soiled and seeded;

A twenty two bay 275 yard driving range will be provided on the former FootGolf and practice area incorporating ball-flight technology, ‘Toptracer’ and target greens as part of an enhanced offer including safety fencing and lighting; (Driving range plan)

This will diversify the course’s offer providing an entry level short-term activity (max. 2 hours) for players of all abilities but particularly accessible to first-time players and allow for professional coaching. This will also supplement the established Academy Course which is a natural ‘next step’ from the driving range;

Revisions to the course and driving range will enhance drainage, water havesting and storage to ensure the course is free-draining and therefore usable for as many months as possible in a 12-month cycle. This will resolve existing waterlogging issues with the 6 holes that were not upgraded in 2011;

This will also see more efficient water storage and its recycling for irrigation- this will both enhance the quality of the course but also see a more sustainable approach to its management; (Water Management Plan)

As part of the scheme, proposals have been included for the diversion of footpaths to the perimeter of the site to enhance safety for walkers and restrict interruptions and uncertainty for players. This would be on a phased basis during construction; (PROW/Footpaths)

The development also provides an opportunity to enhance the site’s appearance and landscaping. Whilst some trees will be removed, the majority have only been planted in the last 30 years as formal plantations with a species mix that is not fully native including some wholly inappropriate ornamental trees. Some good quality specimens will be relocated together with a significant regime of new woodland and hedgerow planting of native species that are far more appropriate to their surrounds and in particular, to the Chilterns AONB.

Together with the additional habitat provided by the new water features, the proposals will demonstrate an overall ecological enhancement or ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ (BNG). (Landscape Plan)

The inert subsoil will be brought to site by lorries with a rigourous checking procedure. Exiting the site would be to the left turning only along Chaul End Road and then joining the A505 and wider highway network such as the M1 – the return journey would be the same. Lorries would NOT be routed through Caddington village and will be barred from site for the duration of the project if found doing so. The operational hours would be restricted to 0700-1800. This would be controlled by a construction management plan as a condition of any planning approval; (Construction Phasing Plan)

At the core of our design process is the sustainability element and an emphasis in providing, as part of the long-term solution for the site, a significant benefit to the environment, and related to this a successful and sustainable future for Caddington Golf Club. Enhancements to the course and the provision of the driving range will broaden the appeal of the club and develop a stream of future members;

Should you wish make any comment on the proposals or have any questions on the prospective planning application please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Team as follows:-

Email: or Phone: 01234 832740

If you are a member or prospective member of the course and your enquiry relates to your experience as a member, please contact:-

Email: or Phone: 01582 726365