Club Rules

Dress Code

Blue Course
Players are expected to be smartly dressed at all times. Wearing jeans, football/rugby type shirts and shorts, vest-type tops or collarless t-shirts, tracksuits or shell suits are prohibited and individuals will be asked to leave the course. Shorts must be tailored and smart. Players must wear golf shoes, unless they are under the age of 18 or have some form of disability preventing them from doing so.

Players are allowed to be casual dressed. Players are allowed to wear jeans, football/rugby type shirts, shorts, collarless t-shirts, tracksuits or shell suits are suitable. Individuals wearing vest or no t-shirts will be asked to leave the course. Closed footwear must be worn during your round; flip-flop and open shoes are prohibited.


Mobile phones, if carried on the course, must be switched to silent.

Slow play and behaviour

Slow play irritates everyone on the golf course.  Any individuals/group that has lost a complete hole on the group ahead should wave through faster groups.

If it is likely that a ball may be lost, unplayable or out of bounds, a provisional ball should be played before going forward. Players searching for a ball should, as soon as they realise the ball will not be quickly found, signal the group behind to play up; they should not wait until the ball has been declared lost (5 minutes). Play should not continue until it is safe to do so.

A 3 ball should aim to complete a round within three and a half hours (210 minutes); each player in the group is responsible for its pace. If a player or group consistently disregards the requirement to observe the etiquette of the game during a round, or over a period of time, the club house may invoke disciplinary action against that group or player.

Pitch marks should always be repaired before leaving the green and divots replaced with care elsewhere on the course. Golf bags should always be left at the side of the green and caddy cars/buggies must not encroach on the apron of the green. All direction signs on the course must be obeyed.


Please be aware of people walking on the course. On the club notice board there will be a map that indicates the walker’s pathways for reference.

Other information and rules for golfers

Guests may book tee times online via the Club’s website. On the day of play, the club house staff will accept bookings. A guest and his/her playing partners may only reserve one tee time; multiple reservations are not permitted.
Persons under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult around both courses and club house.

Bag Tags

Guest must display their receipts of purchase to management when asked.

Suspension of play

When play is suspended by the club house management/greenkeepers players can if they wish and without delay, finish the hole they are playing. Players cannot continue to play a hole, other than the one they were in the process of playing, once play has been suspended.


Practice play is restricted to the practice ground and is strictly forbidden on the course. Players using the practice area must follow the restrictions listed at the practice ground (no long irons or woods can be used)


Safety on the course and practice ground is paramount. Golfers should read the course risk assessment document posted on Clubhouse noticeboards, or on the Club website, and should always be courteous to non-golfers.

Green Staff

Players should at all times co-operate with Greens staff to facilitate course maintenance. Whilst the flagstick is removed from a hole, players must not play to that green until the flagstick has been returned to the hole by Greens staff.


Members are reminded that they are solely responsible for the security of their own possessions. Guests are advised that the Club does have Public Liability insurance.


Dogs unless a guide dog, are not allowed on the course or in the club house.

Use of different tee areas

The tees should be used as follows or agreed before the first tee off.
White Markers – Championship tee for competent players.
Blue Markers – Used by men or confident female guest for all other play.
Red Markers – Used solely by Lady Guests.
Yellow Markers – Used by Junior Members.

Rules in the clubhouse area

Guests are responsible for ensuring they conform to all the house rules. All individuals are allowed to use the club house facilities with no dress code. Soft spiked shoes and trainers are allowed however metal spiked shoes are prohibited from the clubhouse. Please also keep the communal areas tidy and place litter in the bids provided.


Smoking, including the smoking of E-cigarettes, is not permitted in the Clubhouse or at the entrance. There is a designated smoking area illustrated on the club notice board.


Club property, including any property loaned or hired to the club, must not be abused or tampered with in any way. Guest should not interfere with any switches, thermostats or electrical controls within the Clubhouse.


Club noticeboards may only be used on the authority of club house staff.


Lockers are for the use of playing guests. Lockers always remain the property of the club. The keys for each locker are found behind the club reception where a deposit will be asked and returned when the key is handed back to reception. The club does not accept responsibility for the contents of lockers. The locker master key may only be obtained from the club house manager.


Guest may park their car in the car park within the designated bays. Cars must not be parked in any other areas that may cause obstruction to others, reserved bays or in the vicinity of the Greenkeepers’ sheds. The gate to the course must be kept clear and will be padlocked. If required, in an emergency, the padlock keys are available from the Greens Staff and Reception. The club does not accept responsibility for the contents or damage of the cars parked.