World Handicap System
Join golfers around the world in a single handicap system for golfers to achieve fair and uniform gameplay

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The WHS Toolkit

Golf is known for its strict rules and standards. Still, one area where inconsistencies currently exist is in the different handicap systems used worldwide. While each system works well locally, they can produce differing results when calculating players' handicaps.

To address this issue, a new set of rules, the World Handicap System (WHS), will unify six handicap systems into one. This new system will allow golfers of all abilities to compete fairly and equally, regardless of where they are in the world or what format they play.

The WHS aims to simplify the existing systems while still maintaining accuracy. It's been carefully developed through collaboration with existing handicapping authorities and national associations to meet the needs and expectations of golfers, golf clubs, and authorities worldwide. Important to note is that the WHS will encompass the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System, formerly known as the USGA Course Rating and Slope System.

Overall, the WHS aims to modernise and improve the game of golf while preserving its traditions and spirit of fair play. This project presents a unique opportunity to unite the global golf community and provide a more consistent and equitable experience for players worldwide.